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Ometa is an on-site holistic wellness company focused on inspiring people through self-care practices.


Meditation | Yoga | Sound baths

Restorative | Storytelling | Massage | Reiki

Investing in people is great business.

The practice helps people connect in ways that promote transparency, adaptability, humility, empathy, and excellence, which are the building blocks of great corporate culture. Employees want to work for companies that care about them, ( which has been shown to support long term growth (hubspot).


We all love feeling inspired. It makes us happy, engaged, and present. By giving employees the space and the time to recharge and stretch out mentally and physically, you're showing that you care about their wellbeing as well as their performance. It's a gift you award your employees with because they are your most valuable asset.


More than anything, our teachers do whats called "Holding Space", which is providing the experience and the context for people to connect with in any way they wish. Inspiring people is a beautiful thing, and we can help you do that. email us now,

Private Classes, Small groups and Activations

We also offer one on one work as well as events, activations, and off-site sessions for individuals and small groups.

Ometa, Inspired.

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